Saturday, December 12, 2009

Tuber Unicinatum

It arrived Thursday, right on schedule. The "very special guest ingredient" of tonight's Food Night. Tuber Unicinatum. The French Burgundy Black Truffle.

Just look at this orb of goodness, and all it's funky textures and curves and....

Maybe some sense of scale is necessary. Here it is positively dwarfing $.01...

That, my friends, just happened! Shake and Bake!

I don't know if I'm more nervous, excited, fascinated or awed by the mere presence of this culinary diamond in my kitchen. I seem to have snapped more pictures of it than most people do of their first born child. Not sure what that means, but I'm sure it's perfectly normal.

Food Night did not see it fit to take out the requisite loans required to procure an Italian white truffle at $260/oz. I think I would have been shaking like a leaf* while trying to shave it on my handheld mandoline, and would have probably sliced off a finger (or two), which would have significantly altered how I grip a golf club, not to mention greatly upset my dear Mother who serves as the unofficial Chief of the Mandoline Police. (Love ya, Mom).

* For you Top Chef watchers, I'm sure you recall how Jen was shaking like a polariod picture as she was serving Thomas Keller and friends during the Bocuse d'Or elimination challenge a few weeks back. Yeah, she would have looked positively comatose compared to me trying to slice a hunk of fungus I paid $260 for.

So, at Food Night we are going to be slummin' it with the mere $40/oz French Burgundy Truffle. You'll notice that the D'Artagnan link indicates they are "out of season". I called last Friday to check the price of the white truffles (because the website says "call for pricing"... never a good sign for the consumer), and the fine gentleman told me they were $260/oz. After a LONG pause to collect my thoughts and organize my priorities in life, I went ahead and had him send me one black truffle. When I went back to the website a few days later, bang... out of season. See you next September.

Food Night dodged a MAJOR bullet there. And we can't wait to share our good fortune with you fine readers. Check back soon for all the details on tonight's Food Night!

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