Monday, January 25, 2010

Scheduling update

A song, to announce something way cool that is coming up very shortly, sung to the theme of this all time classic...

Food, Exciting and new,
Come aboard, we're expecting you.
Wine, life's sweetest reward,
Let it flow, it floats back to you...

Food Night! Soon we'll be making another run,
Fooooood Niiiight, promises something for everyone.
Set a course for Feb 13,
Your mind on a new bottle of vino.

Ok, sorry, I dunno where that came from but here's the deal.... FOOD NIGHT... is back on the books! Mark your calendars for February 13th. That's right, the day before Valentine's Day. And since we haven't exactly "done" that Food Night, we may go heavy on the red themed ingredients. You'll understand, won't you? Then again, perhaps we'll completely ignore the Hallmark Holiday. Who knows. Or maybe I should just stop talking now and let you go about your day...

But before I go, just an FYI that I'm almost done with one more post from the Truffle Food Night. I hate it when day jobs get in the way of recreation! But it's just a brief little number about what happens after Food Night, once the guests have gone home, and the food stuffs* that are left in the fridge are begging for attention... stay tuned......

* I love that term. "Food Stuffs". When I think "food stuffs", I think of DEECE ingredients. Pheasants, parmiggiano, good olives, heirloom tomatoes, micro greens, anything from Coastal Seafoods. Food Stuffs. That, is where Food Night begins... with simple Food Stuffs.

Oh, and happily, one of the main Food Night Players will be making a return appearance. You might think "Oh, I didn't even know anybody left". And you'd be RIGHT! You didn't know because I never told you. It wouldn't exactly seem right to say "Howdy, here's Food Night, and one of our main dudes is moving to California". I don't know much, but I know telling you that one of the main Food Nighters fled to Cali right after Food Night is not how to build momentum. But he's coming back. And if I had a picture of him, I'd put it right...... here. But I don't, since we seem to take more pictures of food stuffs* at Food Night than we do of ourselves.

* Told you it was fun to use that term. Food Stuffs. So delicious, yet so vague!

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  1. OMG!!!! I saw that Love Boat DVD and just went to Amazon and bought season 1 & 2. That is AWESOME!!! I had no idea those were on dvd!