Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Calling all Valentine's Food Night Participants...

Before I begin documenting the happenings at the Valentine's Food Night, there is a little housekeeping I need to do. We are going to start a running feature here at Food Night. Those in attendance will vote for the Gold, Silver and Bronze Medal winning wines of the night. And you most definitely can vote the a wine that you brought. Additionally, participants will vote for their favorite food course of the evening. Won't this be fun?!


If you attended Food Night on 2/13, please cast your ballot in the Comments below for your Gold, Silver, and Bronze medal winning wines of the night. Then while you are at it, toss out what was your favorite course of the evening.

If you are having trouble remembering what we drank, here is a little reminder...

And if you need a refresher on what we ate...

In the future, we'll collect this information at Food Night, so as not to use up interweb bandwidth that could be used for far more important pursuits. Like this.

Thank you. Posts on Food Night details coming to your internet machine shortly.


  1. Here are my picks from the night:
    Gold: Monte Bello
    Silver: Calera Selleck
    Bronze: Chateaneuf Clos Des Papes
    For food I loved the agnolotti with beef. The scallops were out of this world, but then again so were the beets. Such a great night. Fanastic wines, delicious food and great company.

  2. Erik,

    Your mom just forwarded your site address to Joe's mom who then forwarded it to me. Joe told me to say 'Hey, what's up DickMan' ;)

    Your site is awesome! I just added it to my blog's link favs.

    I'm impressed

  3. ERIK,

    Now I know what the hell it is you are doing when you are downstairs fiddling away with your laptop with the "Family Guy" on in the background. Honestly, this site is pretty impressive. I think the biggest compliment I could pay it is that it nearly matches the quality level of the Food Nights themselves! Hats off to you sir!!

    As far as my picks are concerned, I think you probably already know what they are but I will officially document and record them for posterity.

    First off, I would like to say that I am generally not a lover of shellfish or beets. However, your preparation of each was stellar and I briefly found myself questioning my previously-held convictions concerning said items. Right about then I realized that it wasn't the scallops or the beets that were suddenly different-tasting to me-it was the preparation of these items that made all the difference to me. All of the courses were unique, thoughtful, and, most importantly, extremely yummy.

    If I have to choose a favorite (and the rules dictate that I do) it would be the agnolotti with the short ribs. I love your meat braises-they are rich, nourishing, and flavor-filled. What's not to like? Your fresh pasta is always a treat, and the stuffed agnolotti was a fresh new twist on this theme. The carrot-based stuffing was bright and original.

    HONORABLE MENTION: The soup. I can guarantee you that any thick, rich soup (or any soup, for that matter) will always immediately bounce towards the top of my favorites list. I like the texture and feel of soup, especially in the wintertime.


    I have been slobbering over this particular bottle for some time (it was transferred into our store a while ago specifically for fondling purposes) but it absolutely exceeded my expectations. The perfume was beyond-ridiculus, its texture was an ideal balance of elegance and intensity-Thanks Tommaso!!

    This was my first Clos des Papes after having heard and read so much about this world-reknowned producer. It was a monster-chunky, dark, brooding, super-ripe, bloody. However, I couldn't help thinking that, in the end, we hadn't fully maxed out this bottle's potential. I couldn't help wondering how this bottle would drink six to eight years out? (Oh, the beautiful and frustrating mysteries of wine...)

    This bottle wasn't blind, but even if it had been I think some of us would have nailed it. This is the bottle that launched my own personal romance with Calera wines. The limestone-induced perfume, the spiciness, that pale, transparent red liquid that belies a wine of formidable structure, power, and depth...can't you tell I'm in love!! In short, it's freaking tasty!!! Even though this wine is a known quantity...I really enjoy knowing this wine.

  4. From the desk of Thimble:

    What an epic night, from Calera to car-egging.

    First off, let me send a shout out to everyone who attended and brought some libation. Half of these gatherings is the grand company of others and enjoying sensory experiences in a collective.

    GOLD: '01 Monte Bello - No other wine present elicited the cry of delight like this one when the bottle was revealed. There are few wines that will stick in my mind like this one did, which after the first sip felt like it was sitting in my lap. (Shut up, Tyler.)

    SILVER: TIE '06 Clos de Papes and '00 Vieux Telegraph - I'm a sucker for a chaddy. The Clos de Papes is a name I've heard in this circle uncountable times, its complexities and funk qualifying its pedigree. The Vieux Telegraph was a germane surprise, as I've become very curious with it recently. Both delivered that CDP funk that I love so much, I have a hard time discriminating.

    BRONZE: '01 Calera Selleck - If I were a better man, I would have given the bronze to the Swanson Alexis, a Cali wine that seduced me with its boldness and bewildered me with its nuance. But I am a Calera whore. As such, I'm consistently drawn back to this particular line from the Calera pinots which I could - and I mean this quite literally - sit and sniff for hours and hours without ever taking a sip.

    My own disorganized shortcomings prevented me from partaking in the full bevy of courses that Erik put together, but I was generously afforded samples after everyone else had been served. The short ribs were like eating meat made of butter, and the braise masterfully walked the line of overpowering and complimentary. I both wanted more and less at the same time (does that make sense?) The soup was simply amazing - ideal for someone like me who likes thicker soups. The pureed apple, whether deliberate or experimental, added pleasant citrus undertones while adding meatiness to the base, and the dollop of cream brought everything together. Those were my two faves, and I rue that I missed the other courses.

    Once again, thanks for having me and sharing the great company/wine/food. This is a night I'll be carrying around with me like a nook for a long time.


  5. Wines of the night for me are as follows:

    1: Ridge Monte Bello 2001
    2: Clos Des Papes 2006
    3: Calera Selleck 2001

    As for my favorite course, it was the first. Although all were phenomenal in their own way, the scallops were immaculate!

    Something about Calera's wines stand out to me in no way than any other, besides Leroy. Therefore it earned a spot on my list.