Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Food Night, Halley's Comet, and Rabbits

Halley’s Comet. The Olympics. Home runs at Target Field by the home team. Food Night.

What do all these things have in common? Well clearly they are all funtastic, super duper neat things that don’t come around often enough!

It would be difficult for us to alter how often a comet visits our solar system, and actually the Olympics are probably fine just the way they are come to think of it. I mean how many down hill half pipe mogul triple lutzs can one person take? And the Twins will hit a few more taters once the weather warms up (or so they say…). But Food Night… now that is something we have some control over. So I'm happy to report that....

FOOD NIGHT is back, and on the books for Sunday May 30th!

Since you all know I'm NOT a fan of previews, I'll just tease the menu by saying there could be a recipe (or even two, depending on TIME......... Home Depot.... Bed Bath & Beyond.... etc.) from the master of Mexican cuisine in play. Obviously I cannot tell you who that Chef of Chefs might be, but I have a feeling if you are reading this you might already know.*

* Hint; his name rhymes with "Rick Bayless".

Also, it is that time of year again, when I go to the Farmers Market and buy WAAAAAY TOOOOO many plants* for the herb garden. This year, I had magic tarragon that shot up from the ground like a Russian Nuke-u-ler missile at the first hint of warm temps in April, brutally cold winter be damned. I have more tarragon than I can shake a wooden spoon at, and believe me, I can shake a wooden spoon with the best of ‘em.

* I have “X” amount of space to plant things. And I always buy X + 17 plants. What is wrong with me? And yes, that is the Nuke-u-ler tarragon, above.

This year I got some tomatillo plants in addition to my usual suspects, as I’ve heard they are pretty prolific producers, as well as fairly easy to not kill. The plan is to have a bounty fresh tomatillos for use in salsa verde. And since you asked, no, I have not even bought any rosemary or basil yet! I know, geez! I have no idea where it is going to go… perhaps in the neighbor's yard.

So obviously, we are excited to have some fresh herbage at our disposal for this upcoming extravaganza. The Taj-Ma-Food Night has also recently been equipped with new outdoor dining apparati (read: table and chairs). And there is a possibility that an uber-talented photographer will be in attendance this time. The possibilities, as you can clearly see, are endless.

* OK look. I've said here several times that I'm not a photographer. And if you have visited the blog before, you know that. (If this is your first visit... Welcome! Where have you been?). But I have to say... LOOK at that picture?!? That is the most deece picture I could possibly take with a point-and-shoot camera. I woke up early (7:30am is early, right?) after a recent rainstorm, and wanted to take a shot or two of the garden for this post. And much like the 29-handicapper that shanks his way around the golf course, then tops a 3-wood on a 160 yard par-3 that rolls up onto the green and into the cup for an Ace, well... that picture is my topped 160-yard 3 wood. I wish there would have been a witness there to attest that yes, I actually did point the camera at the pea plant and push the button all by myself. I'm sure a rabbit or four saw me do it. And speaking of rabbits........

Finally, if you are a rabbit, and you are reading this…

1). Wow. That is impressive. I didn’t even know rabbits had computers.
2). Stay away from my plants. I’m warning you. Don’t do it.

So to sum up; Food Night... 30th... Rick Bayless... Deece.

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