Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Glassware. Yes... It's important

Yes, yes, yes... the beet-o-riffic post from the Tyler Durden Emergency Food Night is almost done. Really it is. It's more done now than it was when we last spoke. But I thought the following article from the was worthy enough of a Food Night Breaking News Bulletin...

Georg Riedel at Kitchen Window

Two positevely BRILLIANT points Mr. Riedel makes in the article...

1). "Enjoy the company of the people you are drinking with." (Food Night Editor's note; Truer words have rarely been spoken. Wine always tastes better in the company of good people. Always.)

2). "How much do you spend on glassware a year? Zero, right?" (Food Night Editor's note; Buy yourself some decent Riedel/Spieglau/Whatever stems. If you are reading this... you care about food and wine. Treat yourself. Spend $50 on 4 decent Riedel stems. Please. And yes - you have to hand wash them. This will not cause the world to end. You can do it. Food Night believes in you. And Food Night is right about this... drink your wine out of proper glasses. Please trust Food Night on this one. We've gotten you this far....)

Food Night loves the And Food Night loves its Riedel stemware. And Food Night loves it's loyal and fabulous readers. So, I thought you all should meet.

Happy Stemware Shopping.

One more thing... The wine on the left in this picture (from the above heavytable article)...

...the Roberts & Rogers Cabernet Sauvignon from Howell Mountain... um..... yeah. You want a bottle of this stuff. It's AWESOME. I just had it last week and it is drinking beautifully. And, It's on sale at Haskells right now... for half price. Come see your Food Night fellas at the Woodbury Haskells and pick up a bottle or two... and your life will immediately be better.

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  1. I once went to a dinner party where they used ALL Steuben crystal glass about presentation! I was petrified that I would break my wine glass because I know it was so expensive.